Change Netgear Router Password

How can you change Netgear router’s password?

If you buy a new Netgear router and you do not know about setting processor that’s not a big deal. I tell you something easy and effective steps. My steps will help you with your great purpose. If you want to be set up and you have forgotten your Netgear password, you should pursue the means for the factory reset technique before you are permitted to change the password. Follow my simple basic steps if you want to change the password for your Netgear wireless router.

Change Netgear Router Password
Change Netgear Router Password

Steps to change Netgear router password:

Step 1. Launch an internet browser on your computer or mobile device that is connected to your router’s network.

Step 2. Type one of the following URL into your internet browser’ address bar: “,” “,” “” or “”

Step 3. If any point you can change the URL for your Netgear router that addresses are the default and then you will be required to type URL you have created.

Step 4. Click Enter or tap search and login window displays.

Step 5. Type your Netgear router’s present username and password.

Note: Your username is admin and password are given password (Basic home page display)

Step 6. Click on the tab labeled “Advanced,” and click on the “setup” these tabs are given in your left.
Note: (Selected the Advanced option and click Administration option and then setup tab)

Step 7. Click on option wireless setup

Step 8. Delete your present password next for labeled “Passphrase” below the “Security option” sections.

Step 9. Type or choose a new password of your choice then click on “Apply” on the top of the wireless setup window.
Note: Now your Netgear router password has been changed and your setting are saved.

Step 10. The exit of the Netgear router interface.
Note: If the chance that you had any wireless gadgets associated with your Netgear router, you will be required to sign in utilizing the username and the new, refreshed secret phrase.

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